In 2020 God placed G3 Hair Collection on my heart at the peak of the pandemic after being furloughed. I began doing the necessary research needed to build my brand and I officially launched G3 Hair Collection in 2022 and shortly after launching My husband and I found out we were expecting our baby boy. In order for me to take care of myself during my pregnancy I shut down my business and God then gave me a more clear understanding of who my business was for. During my pregnancy I realized that I was targeting the wrong audience and that my audience was mommies and new mommies that wanted to feel beautiful and loved quality hair extensions that didn’t break the bank. During my pregnancy on some days when I didn’t feel good, As long as I had my hair done (with my hair extensions of course lol) it activated a new woman inside of me and I said that. I would make it my mission to make sure mommies always felt beautiful inside and out. I vowed to make sure that G3 Hair Collection provides nothing but the best quality of hair that is tangle free, holds curls that lasts , hash no harsh chemicals or smells and has longevity.

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