Hair FAQ's

  • How long is shipping?

    Please refer to our policies for information about shipping.


  •  How many bundles should I order for a full sew in? 

         The amount of bundles you order are based on the look you’re trying to receive. In order to have a more full look , it’s recommended that you order a closure and three bundles. For a basic sew in It’s recommended that you order 2-3 bundles based on the type of style you’re planning to achieve. (Ex: A bob sew-in typically requires 2-3 bundles.)

    However for longer length bundles 26-30 Its recommended that you order 4 bundles or more for a really fully look. 


  • What products should I use on my hair?

    Any products you choose to use are ultimately up to you. However, the shampoo and conditioner that does great with the hair is  Dove Shampoo and Conditioner and Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. 

    Although the hair has a natural luster, to obtain the shine you can use a light oil to your liking but be mindful as too much oil can weigh down your extensions.

    Also, when using hot tools please protect your investment by using a heat protectant just as you would your real hair and avoid excessive use of heat to preserve your extensions.


    What happens if my package gets lost or stolen?

    Please refer to our shipping policy for more information.